Aims and Scope

With the emergence of environmental waste and the decline in the general standard of living of people, especially in urban communities over the past decade or two, the urban sustainability approach has been raised by the United Nations as the topic of the last decade of the twentieth century. National, regional and local were determined, in other words, with the development of cities and the introduction of sustainable development and attention to the principle of sustainability in development programs as a general goal was emphasized, so any global sustainability measures depend on urban sustainability. Undoubtedly, urban sustainability is one of the most serious issues and concerns of many metropolises in the world. The pattern of urbanization in the next four decades will have a significant impact on sustainability and livability in cities around the world, in which the role of cities in developing countries will be very decisive in this sustainability.
The main purpose of publishing this quarterly is in fact a response to this concern, which presents and examines the issues, problems, questions and important theoretical and scientific challenges in the field of geography and the balanced and sustainable relationship between humans and the environment and the development of urban potential. , Urban planning, Urban sustainability; In today's dynamic and rapidly evolving world, and research activity and reflection in order to find answers to them, be integrated in the special work of a specialized, scientific and research journal and enjoy a special order.
Quarterly Journal of Sustainable City is the only scientific research and specialized journal in the field of sustainability and sustainable urban development in the country, which has been less discussed in other publications and can be the basis for presenting the achievements and scientific research of the country. This quarterly journal is published in Persian with a comprehensive summary in Latin, which deals with valuable research concepts and researches in the field of urban studies in the field of basic, applied and developmental approaches. . In order to introduce the achievements of Iranian researchers to the global scientific community in the field of urban development, Paydar Shahr tries to index the detailed summary (full summary) of articles in English and register them in the world's reputable citation databases, in the near future. The internationalization of the editorial board and judges also seeks to publish the achievements of non-Iranian researchers in English.