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Identifying Driving Factors in the Future Research of Iran's Housing Planning System Case Study: Tehran

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 01 November 2023


Soroush Lotfi Bazazan; Hamid Reza Sarmi; Arash baghdadi

Analysis of Social Resilience based on Social Capital Indicators in Tehran

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 19-39


Ali Hosseini; Hajar Yadala Nia; Mansourh Mohammadi; Saeed Shekari

Spatial analysis of vitality in urban spaces A Case Study of the Tehran 17 September Walkway

Volume 2, Issue 2, August 2019, Pages 107-124


Mostafa Safaie Reyneh; ahmad pourahmad; saeed zanganeh

Urban Sustainable Housing Status in area1 of Tehran 9th District

Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2018, Pages 91-105


Seyed Abbas Rajaei; Hossein Hataminezhad; Ahmad Pour Ahmad; Sara Allah Gholipour